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Freeze-dried Blueberries Make Fruit Taste Better

Freeze-dried Blueberry

Antioxidant, rich in anthocyanins, low in calories...the benefits of blueberries are really too many. But fresh blueberries are not easy to store, so after the season, it is difficult to see blueberries on the market. 

With the development of modern technology, blueberry freeze-drying technology, you can enjoy blueberries anytime, anywhere.

Freeze-dried Fruit technology: 

Refers to a drying method in which fresh blueberries are frozen below the eutectic point temperature by food freeze-drying equipment, and the water in the blueberries is removed by sublimation in a vacuum state. 

Because the freeze-dried process is carried out under low-temperature vacuum, blueberries can not only retain the original active ingredients, color and aroma of fresh blueberries after freeze-drying, but also have the advantages of thorough dehydration, fast rehydration, light weight (easier to carry and transport), and suitable for long-term storage and transportation at room temperature.

Freeze-dried blueberries compared with traditional high-temperature dried blueberries: hot air drying after a long time of high-temperature treatment has a greater degree of damage to the texture of blueberries and a tight structure.

This structure also affects the hardness and chewiness of the product. Thereby greatly reducing the quality of the product.

Freeze-dried blueberry keep the color, fragrance and taste of blueberries well, and they are bright in color, crisp in taste, rich in blueberry flavor, sweet and sour, and can be eaten as finished products or further processed after rehydration.

Freeze Dried blueberries have broad market prospects.

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