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Freeze-Dried Strawberries

Freeze-dried strawberries are the queen of fruits , cute and crispy, moisten the throat and teeth, and can be stored for a long time. Due to the use of freeze-drying technology, the nutrients and attractive appearance are preserved to the greatest extent.

Freeze Dried Fruit

Freeze-dried vegetables or food, its biggest feature is to retain the color, aroma, taste, shape of the product and the nutritional content of the original ecological food, also known as aerospace food, is today's natural, green, safe and convenient nutritional food. Water (H2O) can be in solid state (ice), liquid state (water) and gaseous state (steam) under different pressure and temperature. The change from liquid to gas is called "evaporation", and the change from solid to gas is called "sublimation".

Vacuum freeze-drying is to freeze the substance containing a large amount of water in advance to freeze it into a solid. Then the water vapor is directly sublimated from the solid under vacuum conditions, while the substance itself remains in the ice shelf when it freezes, so it does not change in volume after drying, and becomes loose, porous, and has good rehydration performance. In a word, freeze-drying is heat and mass transfer at low temperature and low pressure.

Nutrient of Strawberry

Strawberries are rich in nutrients and contain fructose, sucrose, citric acid, malic acid, salicylic acid, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. In addition, it also contains a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin C content is very rich, every 100 grams of strawberries contain 60 mg of vitamin C. The carotene contained in strawberries is an important substance for the synthesis of vitamin A , which has the effect of improving eyesight and nourishing the liver. Strawberries also contain pectin and rich dietary fiber, which can help digestion and smooth stool.

Health Benefit of Freeze-Dried Strawberry

  1. Relieve fatigue, clear heat and relieve heat, produce body fluid and quench thirst, diuresis and diarrhea;
  2. Strawberries have high nutritional value and are rich in vitamin C, which can help digestion and treat loss of appetite;
  3. Strengthen the gums, freshen the breath, moisten the throat, relieve throat and relieve cough;
  4. Applied to patients with wind-heat cough, sore throat , hoarseness , cancer, especially nasopharyngeal cancer, lung cancer, tonsil cancer , and laryngeal cancer.
Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberry

Application of Freeze Drying Strawberry

  • Direct consumption: it is the original flavor of strawberry, the taste is not bad, no condiments and additives are added, please don’t be told that it is not delicious, this is not based on the market based on deliciousness.
  • Matching for making tea: rose, lemon, roselle, osmanthus, pineapple, mango, etc., to make delicious fruit tea. The taste of making tea is good. You can also soak the strawberries with a small amount of water first and then add yogurt to make strawberry yogurt, or salad and so on.
  • Other ways: when making soy milk for children, strawberries can be put in to ensure that it is delicious, and strawberry powder can be put in when making biscuits.


Strawberries contain more calcium oxalate , so patients with urinary calculi should not eat too much.

Pay attention to the difference between sun-dried candied strawberries and freeze-dried strawberries. Recently, it has been found that many candied dried strawberries in the market have added "-45°C" freeze-dried strawberries in the introduction, which retains more nutrition than ordinary freeze-dried strawberries, which is a fallacy. Since it is freeze-dried to make dried strawberries, how to retain 50% of the water and nutrients? In fact, this kind of product is dried strawberries made by candied fruit.

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