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Freeze-Dried Fruit Powder Supplier

Fruit powder is made of organic fruit according to a certain proportion, after pretreatment, mixing, tableting, inspection, and packaging.

The food has the functions of promoting digestion, preventing diseases, increasing immunity, anti-aging, and other health care and treatment functions. It preserves the active ingredients in vinegar powder, DHA powder, and arachidonic acid powder to better promote the metabolism of the human body. Reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

There are fruit powders with single raw materials and fruit powders with compound raw materials.

For example, freeze-dried strawberry slices contain a small amount of pineapple powder, but they are strawberry-flavored.

Freeze-Dried Fruit Powder Production Process

Using fresh fruit raw materials, it is processed through more than 10 procedures including pretreatment, quick freezing, vacuum drying, ultraviolet sterilization, packaging, storage, etc. through freeze-drying technology and equipment at an international advanced level.

Freeze Dried Fruit Powder Application: 

The raw fruit powder for fruit wine and fruit juice can be made into fruit wine through fermentation, blending, and filtration.

Or it can be used to make fruit juice drinks after being mixed with water and glue milled, sterilized, and filtered.

Food Ingredients

Cakes, biscuits, bread, and many other foods can add a certain proportion of fruit powder in the production process, which can improve the nutritional structure of the product and make the product better in color, aroma, and taste.

Cook porridge for seasoning, make fruit juice, fruit mask, make cakes and bread, moon cake fillings, children’s nutritional supplements, liquid food for patients, make ice cream, jelly pudding, etc.

Generally, in addition to local consumption, a considerable part of the fruit needs to be transported abroad. Due to the influence of climate, region, traffic, and other factors, in addition to going on the market and making cans every year, about 15% of the fruits still rot and deteriorate during transportation, sales, and storage, resulting in serious losses. Recently, some food processing enterprises have developed and produced fruit powder, which not only meets the needs of food processing but also solves the problem of difficult fruit sales.

Fruit powder can be used to make fruit juice drinks with unique flavors, and fruit powder can also be used as food additives such as cakes, biscuits, and bread; fruit peels, fruit cores, and fruit shells contain pectin and other ingredients, which can be used as certain foods and beverages after being made into fruit powders.

The raw material of the medicine greatly increases the added value of the fruit. According to expert analysis, with the rapid development of food processing technology, the prospect of the fruit powder market will be broader.

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